Sujood is here!

Studio 61 has successfully created an app and its name is… Sujood! The main goal for now is simple. We want to let people donate to any mosque the easiest way possible. Simply key in your intended mosque’s name, if its there then put an amount then donate! Especially now when Covid-19 is rampaging, it […]

2 Types of Bookings

automate your bookings studio 61

When you want to automate our bookings, you may have thought that all you need is to have a calendar and people will select the calendar date. Unfortunately…its not. Oops. Its not that simple. Among the first few things you need to consider is 1. The Industry 2. How its being done now Industry Hotel […]

Guides to Digital Marketing: SEO

seed keyword studio 61

You usually google for something when you need it right? If you were to find a restaurant, buy things or find some info, you will usually google it. Do you know what appear on the first page of what you just googled can be somewhat made to happen? what you see on the very top […]

toyyibPay Payment Gateway

So toyyibPay has been making their grounds in the payment gateway industry. Offering a low per transaction fee as well as an easy setup, no wonder lots of people are registering with them. They made a big hurra when they offered to the industry with a RM 0.00 cost! you read that right! It was […]

SOP Made Easy

SOP made easy studio 61

Getting people to follow rules are normally a bit challenging. But having them ‘forced’ to perform it according to what has been implemented could be slightly easier

Build Your Own Website

You surely want people to know what you are interested in, have a blog, or even sell something. To start it off, all you need is 3 things before we go further into other details. Those three are