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You surely want people to know what you are interested in, have a blog, or even sell something. To start it off, all you need is 3 things before we go further into other details. Those three are: 1) Domain, 2) Hosting, 3) Design (to make sure your site is enticing enough to ease your visitor’s eyes).

1. Domain

In order for people to see your content, surely they need to know where to go. You usually must have seen examples such as,,, etc. The .com .com thing is the domain. Yes there are other things to consider but let’s keep it simple at the moment. You can try buying your domain at,, etc.

2. Hosting

Now that you have your domain (for example you just purchased the domain =, you need a hosting. And what is a hosting? It’s where you place/store your website. A domain is like an address for people to go, a hosting is like a piece of land that you have rented from the government so that you can build your house (It is always renting a hosting, never outright purchasing it, more on that later). You can purchase your hosting for example at Movahost or Jimat Hosting or at GB Network. There are a lot of hosting company. Some great ones, some very reliable, some so-so and some you should not have a go at it at all. Once you bought that, you can attach it to the domain and you now have an address and a piece of land that you have rented for n number of years. Usually there is a button you have to click in order for you to have WordPress install in it. Usually its very simple. If you don’t know how, just call/chat the support team.

3. Design

Now that you have WordPress installed and you’ve got your domain too, it’s time to write down those valuable insights/opinions down. Find a couple of websites that you like, and try to replicate what they do. Attach suitable pictures, add a few engaging headlines, and you basically now have a website!

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