Sujood is here!
Studio 61 has successfully created an app and its name is… Sujood! The main goal for now is simple. We want to let people donate to any mosque the easiest way possible. Simply key in your intended mosque’s name, if its there then put an amount then donate!Especially now when Covid-19 is rampaging, it is getting harder to get the chance to pray at mosque. And with handling cash has the probability to spread a lot more bacteria, we’ve created the Sujood app to help those who plan to donate easily and cashless all the time.I use to have this issue. Not so much the bacteria thing, but not having the proper amount of cash at the time I was in the mosque. I felt the need that mosque’s should have an online donation box so that people can donate all the time online! I hope Sujood can grow bigger and help those that need to donate at any moment at any mosque all the time and at any place.
sujood app derma masjid
Do download and donate often.Check their website to get further info or simply click here to download the app.

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