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That’s basically it. If you want to to receive money online, you’ve got to register and use a payment gateway so that people can buy/ give you money online. Uploading a document proving you’ve paid doesn’t apply here because a lot of fraud can still happens there. In Malaysia you can choose from Billplz, Toyyibpay, Payhalal, Ipay88, etc. There is plenty of them around. There are 3 things that you should check out before using them. Lets go one by one.

The first is you need to check how are they going to charge you. prepaid? a cut from the percentage? An example of the ‘taking a cut from’ is let say you sell shoes for RM100. when a customer pay, the payment gateway operator will take RM1.00 (let say they charge you RM1 per transaction). So what you will get is RM99.00. The prepaid version is, you need to topup your account with the payment gateway operator first before you can start selling. You will get the full price (RM100) if the item got purchased, but you need to remember that you have spent RM1 early on.

The second is integration. If you are using WordPress as your primary blogging tool, you need to know whether they have a plugin to enable their service. If you are not using WordPress, find it out by contacting their support team. They could give you an API (the term API can sometimes be the fancy word here haha. google it.) or some kind of guidelines for you to enable it on your platform, whether its coded from scratch or you are using a third party platform such as Weebly, Shopify, etc.

The third and final thing is you should consider is registration. Some payment gateway providers need a registration free. some don’t. some need for you to upload a picture of the company’s bank statement, a proof of some sort of certification, etc.

So yeah…that’s it! Now you got yourself a payment gateway and you can start selling online!

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