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When you have a e-commerce website, your customer can easily browse what you offer, read up on you, and related accounting related documents (such as invoice, receipt) can be incorporated into the buying flow easily. It’s done automatically even while you and your team are sleeping like a baby.

Similar to the picture shown above, if you out up rules, not everyone will follow. If you insist something is compulsory (like having an automated selling website), your sales team can’t make up things or make money on the side. That’s the part where you can save money on your business and improve your business processes and profits.

Even if you don’t write down the flow chart for the do’s and dont’s, having a system is like you must do in a certain way. If you wan’t to do stuff exactly 110% like the way you wanted, maybe you should prepare a sum of money for a dedicated a e-commerce platfom to be coded specifically according to your needs & demands.

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