Studio 61

View our various past works to gauge how well we could help you carry out your vision. Not all past projects are shown here due terms and conditions agreed. You can choose a few websites other than what are shown here, and tell us to replicate something similar and we can discuss further.

work 1 masjid ulul albab studio 61

A beautiful looking mosque doesn’t want to be left out on the digital space. Apart from telling the world what they offer, they can also receive digital donations now. Do good while you are away. Isn’t that wonderful?


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work 2 lembu murah studio 61

You got to eat. Whether it’s a stake, beef burger or a satay. Made & breed locally, a Malaysian own business man wants the world to know that they are legit. Give them a call if you plan for a barbecue tonight

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work 3 besut cruise studio 61

A social business. that’s what they are. Located in Besut, Terengganu, Besut Cruise not only empower locals, they also give back what they earn. That is swell I gotta admit.

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