Guides to Digital Marketing: SEO

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You usually google for something when you need it right? If you were to find a restaurant, buy things or find some info, you will usually google it. Do you know what appear on the first page of what you just googled can be somewhat made to happen? what you see on the very top of what you just searched can change depending on place, date and others.

Wow! So don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Make a few more research. First thing you need to do is what we call ( and I believe the industry also uses the same keyword) SEED KEYWORD. SEED KEYWORDS are basically what people will google for your business.

SEED KEYWORD = What people search.

Because if you start writing 500 things but nobody searches for it, basically you’ve wasted plenty of time.

So number one in this process is SEED KEYWORD.

We’ll come back for more things soon.

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